Where to License Horror Music for My Online Content?


Are you a content creator seeking to add a spine-chilling, hair-raising atmosphere to your online creations? Horror music is a powerful tool to evoke emotions of fear and suspense, and it can significantly enhance the impact of your content. However, finding the right horror music for your project can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of licensing horror music for your online content, ensuring that your creations stand out and capture the attention of your audience.

Understanding the Importance of Quality Horror Music

Before delving into the best places to license horror music, it is essential to grasp the significance of using high-quality, royalty-free tracks in your online content. Subpar music can dampen the viewer’s experience, leading to disinterest and a lack of engagement. On the other hand, well-composed horror music can captivate your audience, create suspense, and drive emotions, leading to increased watch time and audience retention.

What to Look for in Horror Music

When searching for the perfect horror music for your online content, we recommend considering the following aspects:

1. Mood and Atmosphere

The music you select should align with the mood and atmosphere of your content. Whether it’s a bone-chilling horror short film, a spooky podcast, or a haunting video game, the music should complement and intensify the overall experience.

2. Originality and Uniqueness

To stand out from the crowd, opt for horror music that is original and unique. You want your audience to have an unforgettable experience that they can’t find elsewhere.

3. Licensing Options

Ensure that the horror music you choose comes with appropriate licensing options that suit your content’s distribution. Different platforms may have different requirements, so be sure to select music that aligns with your needs. For example – many licensors allow customers to use their music on social media but not in advertising. You might be able to use a song in your Youtube podcast but not broadcast it in at a cinema film festival.

4. Compatibility and Editing

Consider whether the music can be easily edited to fit the length and pace of your content. Flexibility in editing will give you more creative control over your projects.

Top Places to License Horror Music

Luckily for you – We provide a number of licenses products that allow our fans and followers to license our music for their online content. Rather than selling tracks individually, which can be time consuming and expensive. We have put together a series of bundled horror packs which can be purchased for a cheap flat price and with an unlimited license for your project. Wether you’re after a “Stranger Things” inspired score, or maybe you want your project to sound like the “In Search of Darkness” series? We have you covered here

Tips for Selecting the Right Horror Music

Selecting the perfect horror music involves more than just finding a track that sounds spooky. Here are some additional tips to help you make the right choice:

1. Trial Listen

Before finalizing any music, take the time to trial-listen to different tracks. See how they fit into your content and if they evoke the desired emotions effectively.

2. Seek Feedback

If possible, seek feedback from friends, colleagues, or your target audience. Honest opinions can help you identify whether the music aligns with your content’s intended impact.

3. Align with Visuals

Ensure that the horror music synchronizes seamlessly with the visuals in your content. A harmonious blend of audio and video will enhance the overall experience.


Selecting the right horror music for your online content is crucial to creating a captivating and spine-chilling experience for your audience. Remember to consider the mood, originality, licensing options, and compatibility when searching for the perfect track.

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your online content with the power of horror music and leave your audience trembling with fear and anticipation. Now, go forth and create mesmerizing, horrifying experiences for your viewers!

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