Weary Pines are going into Space!

We have recently written and recorded over 50 new tracks for 80s sci fi documentary “In Search of Tomorrow”– We’re not just going to put the tracks on streaming. Instead we wanted to take you into our interstellar world and share them with you for FREE as a part of an interactive, online experience. Each day we will share music, stories, and bonus content about the background and history of the songs, and special behind the scenes looks into the making of 5 of our favourite tracks from the score .

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As well as a free instant digital download of the limited version of the score, this ticket also offers you exclusive access to our full digital and physical album release.


Join us as we explore our first sci-fi scoring experience.

In Search of Tomorrow Movie Poster by Clayton Benge

In Search of Tomorrow Movie Poster by Clayton Benge

In Search of Tomorrow Poster 3 by Graham Humphreys

Your ticket also includes:

  • An immediate digital download of our limited version of our “In Search of Tomorrow” score (20 tracks)
  • Access to our Vinyl CD product
  • 5 free unreleased tracks before the launch
  • Daily activities and content
  • BTS access to our writing and production methods


  • Exclusive access to our one of a kind vinyl record pressing auction
  • Direct communication with us
  • Songwriting and production breakdown content
  • Exclusive access to our digital and physical release of the extended score
  • Access to our Retro Sci-Fi Licensing bundle for content creators

In Search of Tomorrow Poster 2 by Dave Merrell

Weary Pines Album Art by Paul Thureau

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We poured our hearts and souls into writing, mixing and producing this 50+ track score. It was a challenge for us to step outside of the comfort of horror. We are well and truly proud of the final result. We wanted to share it with our fans in a fun experience. Thanks for all your support and love!
Jamie & Don
Weary Pines


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