Written by Jamie Chambers & Don McLennan Jr
Mixed by Jamie Chambers
Mastered by Jamie Chambers
Produced by Weary Pines


However you listen to music, you should be covered here…

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However you listen to music, you should be covered here…

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However you listen to music, you should be covered here…

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People Are Strange was inspired by our obsession with aliens. Sci-fi has a wide range of themes and sub genres but the thing that always fascinated me as a child was those creepy crawly other-worldly monsters from Space!

I wanted to open this track with an synthesiser drone that invokes the feeling of a space ship landing and opening it’s doors. I knew this would be useful for a variety of scenes featured in the documentary.

I often write music visually with a basic imaginary narrative. I imagined the story of this song to be about an alien stepping foot on earth and exploring it’s surroundings. The song consists mainly of a pulsing heavy bass synth with fluttering computer sounding glitches. This intentionally evokes a feeling of tension and fear. Maybe as the alien is being chased by humans? I used synth presets that mimicked the sounds from the wonderful Blade Runner score by Vangelis to capture that sci fi aesthetic.

I wanted to write a heavy ending so that this song could also be used for any emotionally impacting cues that the documentary might require. Writing our songs in this way allows editor Samuel Way, to use loops of the music as background music or to hit specific dramatic cues. It’s both scary and climactic as it builds and I wanted to write something a little heavier to include a hint of the heavy metal influence on 80s music.


We created this space voyage experience as an opportunity to welcome you into the Weary Pines family and help you explore our world, what we like, dislike and what we think about.
As well as horror, a lot of our fans are interested in music production and composing.
We’ve put together some studio breakdowns of how each track was made. Wether you’re a songwriter, composer, mixing engineer or just interested in how horror and sci-fi music is written for television. This one’s for you!
This video breakdown is for the mixing engineers and production fans. I walk through my personal mixing methods and how to finish a track for commercial by mixing “People are Strange” from scratch.

If you ever need to bounce audio stems down for mixing purposes, it can be a little tricky to do in Logic Pro. In this video, I walk through how to do this properly so you can format files for mixing engineers.


In this video, I break down the track in Logic Pro – exploring how the song was written, what sounds were used and what inspired my choices.

In this video, I discuss my mixing and production techniques and I walk through how to mix a commercial track for television.

In this video, I show you how to prepare audio stems for mixing in a new session.