Written by Jamie Chambers & Don McLennan Jr
Drums by Brycen Whittington
Mixed by Jamie Chambers
Mastered by Jamie Chambers
Produced by Weary Pines


However you listen to music, you should be covered here…

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However you listen to music, you should be covered here…

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However you listen to music, you should be covered here…

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Dream Shapes was inspired by our love of M83 and Hans Zimmer.

We’re both rockers at heart and we had planned to write a few heavier songs for this score. When “In Search of Tomorrow” director David Weiner gave us a list of reference tracks and scores to inspire our music for the documentary, we were delighted to see the score for “Interstellar” appearing on the list.

Although not strictly 80s science fiction in nature, the score of Interstellar is a brilliant example of using huge sounding instrument choices to create a sonic world that reflects the vast nature of space. The epic organ on this score is something we have always wanted to recreate in one of our songs. Dream Shapes was born from a simple chord progression played through “Leeds Town Hall Organ”, a free sample library by Samplephonics.

This particular organ has always been special to me as I had my graduation at Leeds Town Hall following my degree in Music Production from Leeds College of Music in 2012.

This track is also special to us as it is the first song we’ve written for score that features a musician other than Don or myself. We had the pleasure of inviting world class drummer Brycen Whittington to write and perform drums for this piece. Brycen wrote and recorded the drums parts in MIDI and we were able to remotely produce our first track together between England, Ireland and the USA.

We created this space voyage experience as an opportunity to welcome you into the Weary Pines family and help you explore our world, what we like, dislike and what we think about.
As well as horror, a lot of our fans are interested in music production and composing.
We’ve put together some studio breakdowns of how each track was made. Wether you’re a songwriter, composer, mixing engineer or just interested in how horror and sci-fi music is written for television. This one’s for you!
This video breakdown is for the mixing engineers and production fans. I walk through my personal mixing methods and how to finish a track for commercial use.


In this video, I break down the track in Logic Pro – exploring how the song was written, what sounds were used and what inspired my choices.

In this video, I discuss my mixing and production techniques and I walk through how to mix a commercial track for television.